State-of-the-Art Products & solutions with a focus on the enivornment

Led by 30+ years of in-depth experience in HVAC & IBMS segments, Aadhya Ventureprise brings a curated collection of next-gen air sensors and a range of critical HVAC solutions.

Our primary aim is to ensure that the tech ecosystem within Indian industrial sectors such as OEMs and Pharma are enabled with the best and latest resources; we are also an environment-focused organization, with a mission to achieve a zero carbon footprint future in India.

Product Portfolio

Aadhya’s smart air sensors and control solutions are here to help Indian industries
compete with global manufacturing nations.


Range of global air filtration & HVAC systems dedicated to help elevate quality control in the pharmaceutical industry and data centres.


State-of-the-art, IOT-powered critical system software solutions for data centres & BFSI segment.


CO2 sensor pressure switch to meet industrial emission requirements and enable better protection standards in hazardous areas, data centres, & clean rooms.


FDI-approved, cutting-edge temperature and RH sensors for pharmaceutical companies and AC-based comfort needs.

Aerolam Insulation

Ready to deploy roof insulation for poultry farms, warehouses, factories & plants.


Heat, water and wastewater metering devices for accounting in industrial, commercial and residential buildings

Building A Tech-Empowered Future

The Indian manufacturing segment requires next-gen technology to enable a sustainable future.
Aadhya is here to lead the way.


Being led by one of the foremost minds in the HVAC & controls segment, we truly understand the needs of our clients.


We create solutions that can serve across industries and verticals, providing end-to-end sustainability and protection.


We aim to revitalize mother earth while also empowering Indian industries to achieve global manufacturing standards.


Our range of handpicked products is always growing to ensure our clients receive only the best and achieve efficiency.

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